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We write a variety of documents that show how we work together to make East Sussex safer.

Our Business Plan for 2017-18

The East Sussex Safer Communities Business Plan sets out how partners will work together to deliver our community safety priorities for 2017/18. 

Strategic Assessment: Executive Summary

This Executive Summary gives you an overview of the findings from the 2016 strategic assessment, which informs the Partnership Business Plan for 2017/18.

 Domestic Abuse Strategy 2014-2019

The new Domestic Abuse Strategy 2014-19 reflects the commitment by East Sussex agencies and organisations to work together to effectively combat domestic abuse.  The strategy is designed to ensure a co-ordinated and joint response is taken by agencies, all of whom are committed to reduce the prevalence of domestic abuse and its impact on communities and people in East Sussex.

Domestic Abuse Strategy 2014-2019


Domestic Homicide Reviews

What is a domestic homicide review and how do they work?
Reviews published in 2014:

Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (Clare's Law) Guidance for Professionals


Drugs and Alcohol

See all the relevant strategies and publications about drugs and alcohol here.

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East Sussex Safer Communities Partnerships' Business Plan 2017-20


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