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"Many hate crimes are motivated by extremist ideologies and our aim is to support our communities to become more resilient to the threat posed by extremism. "


Have a gender-sensitive approach, empowering women to fight radicalisation, especially as they have an important role in the family. We will include a wider programme of engagement with marginalised groups on a number of community safety issues not just Prevent, for example, hate crime, Female Genital Mutilation, domestic abuse and online safety.

Make young people more resilient to the risks of radicalisation online and provide schools and teachers with more support and resources to address the risk posed by online radicalisation at an operational level.

Embed the Channel process within existing local authority safeguarding pathways and ensure we combine low level interventions as a support package for those who need it.

All CAB Offices in East Sussex will be trained up as Third Party Reporting Centres and the Local Authority’s Customer Service Teams will also be encouraged and supported to become Third Party Reporting Centres.
A Think Protect Connect toolkit aims to provide schools and other youth settings with a range of innovative resources to safeguard children and young people from online radicalisation and extremism. 

There will be further development and delivery of Hate Crime Awareness in Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as further and higher education establishments across the County.

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Page last updated: 23rd June 2017

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