Domestic abuse hurts everyone

The East Sussex Safer Communities Partnership hosted a half day 'domestic abuse hurts everyone' conference on Tuesday, 25 November (White Ribbon Day), with a focus on the impact of domestic abuse on children and young people, what we can do as employers to support employees affected by domestic abuse and raising awareness of the White Ribbon Campaign.

The morning was comprised of a host of speakers such as the bestselling author Peter James as well as a highly acclaimed performance entitled 'Mockingbird High'.

Picture of some of the speakers: Neil Honnor, Katy Bourne, Peter James, Sammie Thurlow-Baker and Louisa Havers

Over 120 people attended, including a mixture of schools, youth support workers, governors, councillors and local businesses.

Delegates were also asked to pledge their commitment to the White Ribbon Campaign to 'never commit, condone or remain silent to violence against women and girls' as well as to make a call to action.

Examples of some of the pledges included:

"Raising awareness of vulnerable children within my school"

"Using what I have learnt today to take back to my workplace, by talking to colleagues and putting up posters"

"Ensuring all children in my school have lessons focussed around domestic abuse"

"To action, acknowledge and report concerns I have around domestic abuse"

"Creating a notice board with suggested contact details for pupils"

"To introduce a domestic abuse policy for staff at my workplace"

A summary report of the conference is currently being drafted and will be uploaded to this webpage before Christmas.

Useful resources from the day and helpful links

Presentation slides and resources that were shared at the conference can be found below.

Presentation - main presentation slides that were used during the conference.

Presentation - slides that were rolling during the break on 'what do I look out for?'.

Domestic Violence Resource Manual for Employers - a comprehensive resource guide, produced by Refuge and Respect, designed to help employers and HR professionals respond to employees who are victims or perpetrators of abuse. If you would like the hard copy which includes a DVD with further resources, please click here.

The Expect Respect Education Toolkit - produced by Women's Aid, a toolkit consisting of an easy to use 'core' lesson for each year group from reception to year 13.

For more information about the White Ribbon Campaign, including Action Plan templates, please
click here.


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If you are living with domestic abuse, please click here to find out more information
and services that are available.

If you are concerned about your own behaviour, please click here to find out more information and services that are available.

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