Our publications

We write a variety of documents that show how we work together to make East Sussex safer.

Our Business Plan for 2020-23

The East Sussex Safer Communities Partnerships Plan 2020/23 (PDF File) sets out how partners will work together to deliver our community safety priorities for 2020/23.

Please note this plan has yet to be ratified by the Safer Communities Board which has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Drugs and Alcohol

Image of the substance misuse newsletterSee our SUMMER 2020 edition of the substance misuse newsletter (PDF File.)

For our most recent consultation see our 'a conversation about drugs and alcohol page'.




Domestic Abuse Strategy 2014-2019

Image of the Domestic Abuse Strategy documentThe new Domestic Abuse Strategy 2014-19 (PDF File) reflects the commitment by East Sussex agencies and organisations to work together to effectively combat domestic abuse.

The strategy is designed to ensure a co-ordinated and joint response is taken by agencies, all of whom are committed to reduce the prevalence of domestic abuse and its impact on communities and people in East Sussex.#


Domestic Homicide Reviews

Domestic Homicide Reviews are a way to improve our local coordinated community response. Looking at the death of a person aged 16+ as a result of domestic violence and abuse, they aim to: understand what happened; identify where agency responses could be improved; learn lessons including how agencies work together; identify how to improve responses; and to prevent something similar happening to others in the future.

For more information on local reviews please see our Domestic Homicide Review page.

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