East Sussex Recovery Alliance (ESRA)

East Sussex Recovery Alliance (ESRA)

ESRA is a peer led organisation which provides mutual aid and peer support to those in recovery form drug and alcohol misuse and those affected by the substance misuse of someone else.   The organisation seeks to do this by being visible contagious role models of recovery and by raising awareness of recovery in the wider community. 

ESRA provides a range of mutual aid activities including gender specific support, creative activities such as art and creative writing and physical activities such as a basic fitness group and a kayaking group.  

ESRA also provides a range of talking therapy groups which focus on addiction management.  Counselling services are provided through placements for experienced student counsellors.

ESRA works in partnership with a wide of range of agencies.  These include STAR drug and alcohol treatment services, the Seaview Project, Cascade Creative Recovery, Café North and Reformed East Sussex.  ESRA also works with other related services such as local GPs, SSAFA armed forces charity and local churches providing pastoral care.  ESRA is also active in the Hastings Community Network.

ESRA also takes part in a wide of promotional events throughout Hastings, Rother and East Sussex in order to raise the profile of recovery in the community.  These range from publicity stands in public places to representation at conferences.

Reformed East Sussex

Reformed East Sussex Services C.I.C is a Community Interest Company that provides innovative solutions to the problems of social exclusion and specialises in improving the employability of offenders and those in recovery. 

Reformed currently provides support to members of these groups to either find employment and/or increase their employability. Reformed offers accredited training, working with clients on their presentation, interview skills and developing their CV. 

Reformed also sources opportunities with local businesses for clients – these are often voluntary in the first instance and will give clients a chance to build their self-esteem, work based skills and become used to being back in a place of employment or for some, being in a workplace for the first time. 

Reformed support clients through this process by managing expectations and showing them the benefits of being in employment, whether they be financial or other benefits.

Oasis Women’s Recovery Service

If you are worried about your drug or alcohol use, groups can help with your recovery. We offer a range of services developed by and for women and families.

At OASIS, you will receive support with your drug/alcohol use in a non-judgmental, women-only safe space. Together, we will work on things like self-esteem and relationships. We will help you to discover ways of coping with difficult situations.

We also offer mother and toddler sessions (currently in Hastings only).


East Sussex Families and Carers Team (ESFACT) 

East Sussex FACT (Families & Carers Team) support families, carers and friends who are being affected by someone else's substance misuse and mental health issues (dual diagnosis). The service is for those in Hastings, Bexhill and Eastbourne.

What kind of support will I get?

After your first contact we will offer you an appointment with one of our team to hear about your situation, the impact on you emotionally, physically, socially and financially. We will then offer you a wide range of appropriate daytime and evening services. These include:

- Advice, support and information on a range of issues.

- Referrals to other services which can help families, friends, carers and the substance user.

- Support groups for families, friends and carers of substance users.

- Outreach support through home visits.

- Training for families, friends and carers around basic counselling, communication skills, first aid, overdose prevention and basic drug and alcohol awareness training. 

- One to one support in a safe environment.

- Structured education groups offering knowledge and awareness, around common issues for families, friends and carers.

Café North 

Café North will provide training, volunteering opportunities and a bridge to employment for people in recovery and help them to achieve their goals.

Local recovery group, Cascade Creative Recovery is further developing social spaces for people in recovery as well as the wider community. 

The new cafe can be found at:

5 North Street


East Sussex

BN21 3HG

Visit their Facebook page for further details

For further information on any of these projects please contact Caz Evans (Community Development Officer) by clicking here


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